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Watermans Warehouse 2022 Summer Surfboard Giveaway

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$10 Entry Fee to Win this TOP SECRET BOARD from Runyon Surfboards

Big reveal coming soon.

Winner will be randomly selected on 4th of July via Instagram Live Event.  Not necessary to attend, winner will be notified same day.  Please leave phone or email when making the purchase.  Enter as many times as you want.  100% of profit goes to providing swim lessons to local low & middle income families.  A purchase of 10 entries totaling $100 will pay for one low income student's swim lessons.  That's 10 sessions in the pool with a Red Cross Certified Swim Instructor.  YEW!!!

"When it comes to mid rangers this board is the REQUIREMENT. IF you only had one board for the rest of your life… this is the board! BOLD statement I know, but this is the ride you gotta have. The Requirement is a mid range design that is refined with a full but slightly pulled in nose. The wide point is placed ahead of center and has medium entry and a little more exit rocker. Stable in a wide range of conditions and designed to keep you in the water and on waves. Ride this board 12” above your height or in the 7-8’ range and enjoy the glide. The Requirement has medium/full rails, but can be tailored to your specifications. Bottom contours are a slight rolled entry into slight single concave moving into spiral vee out the back.  I add a four channel setup in the bottom of this board to spice it up." -  Clint Runyon of Runyon Surfboards


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