Special Needs - Private Swim Lesson - Child or Adult with Income  > $50,000 but < $100,000
Watermans Warehouse

Special Needs - Private Swim Lesson - Child or Adult with Income > $50,000 but < $100,000

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Step 1:  Complete 2022 Watermans Warehouse Application

Step 2:  Once application is approved, complete the Liability Waiver for the training facility.  (Link sent in application approval email)

Step 3:  Make purchase based on your income levels.  Please review swim levels in preparation of step 4.   Swim Levels

Step 4:  The training scheduler will contact you to review your package and schedule the swim lessons with you.  (If classes are full or don't meet your scheduling needs, we will refund any costs)

30 Minutes of personal swim instruction in Hampstead, NC.

For either children with special needs or adults.

The swim lessons are personalized based on your goals.  If you want to learn swimming basics or advanced swim strokes, it's all up to you.

NO SHOWS waste valuable charity resources, including the cost of pool time, professional instructors, and volunteers that Watermans Warehouse assembles for each program to ensure that the experience will exceed all expectations. Worse, NO SHOWS deprive others that are waiting for the opportunity to attend Watermans Warehouse sessions.

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