Watermans Warehouse Board of Directors

Josh Schieffer - Executive Director & Co-Founder

Josh Schieffer

Author & Environmental, Health & Safety Professional

"It's crazy to think drowning is the 3rd leading cause of death for people 34 and under.  Given the lack of awareness, I can't imagine a more important cause."

Jarred Mack - Treasure

Jarred Mack

Supply Officer - United States Navy

"I am excited to help those who are not exposed to swimming feel more safe around the water and understand how fun water sports can be."

James Wills - Secretary

James Wills

Retired Lieutenant Commander - California Highway Patrol

Former Modoc County Board of Supervisor

"I am very excited that Watermans Warehouse is reaching out to children and adults, providing them swimming skills and water safety knowledge."

Watermans Warehouse Board Members

Daniel Bullard

Daniel Bullard

Fossil Scrubber Technician - Duke Energy

"I'm excited to help prevent accidental drownings and to be part of an organization that helps children engage in a healthy hobby while giving them confidence in and around water."

 Blake Schieffer, Co-Founder

Blake Schieffer

Logistic Specialist - United States Navy

"When you look at the numbers it shows that there’s a need for change! I am personally excited to teach people who would not usually get the opportunity to learn how to swim and get comfortable in the water!"

Joe Miraya

Joe Miraya

Operations Superintendent - Duke Energy

"I am excited to be a part of a charity that helps teach people an undervalued skill that could save their lives."

Jacob Schieffer, Co-Founder

Jacob Schieffer

Student - Topsail High School

"I am excited to help people in our community and to be part of a local nonprofit."

Robbin Williams

Robbin Williams

Sourcing Governance Operations Leader - General Electric (GE)

"I’m excited about giving minorities the opportunity to swim. Also, I’m excited about facing my own fear with water.

Randy Slack

Randy Slack

Radio Personality - Sunrise Radio

"As someone who grew up lower-middle class, I’ve grown up and seen the opportunities that lower income families have missed. Watermans Warehouse’s mission to help those families and open up opportunities, recreationally and professionally, gets me excited."

Jason Talbott

Jason Talbott

Process Improvement Director - Duke Energy

"I have taken for granted my ability to swim most of my life.  I am excited to be part of a non-profit that is teaching a basic life saving skill to all walks of life."


Russ Lindsey

Retired VP of Sales & Marketing 

Serve on Surf City Parks & Recreation advisory Committee

Beach Sweep committee chairman for Topsail Island Longboard Association

Member of Planning committee for Surf City Ocean Fest non profit Event. Securing sponsors & Fundraising.

Founder and Director of OBWB orthopedic braces without borders

30+ year member of National Ski Patrol, former training officer

PSIA professional Ski Instructors of America Level II instructor


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