Order a board from one of our local shapers and have all of the profits go back to supporting the charity.  Need a custom surfboard?  We got you.  Just drop us a line and we will pair you up with the perfect shaper for the style you are looking for.  We have access to some of the best shapers on the East Coast.

High Performance Longboards, Gliders, Single Fin Classics, Fishes, Mid-Lengths, Alternatives and shortboards - We have the perfect board just waiting for you.  Approximately each board your order from Watermans Warehouse provides enough funding to train three local kids to swim.  In America 79% of families with income levels under $50K don't have basic swim abilities. 

At Watermans Warehouse we provide financial assistance to those families with the profits of your surfboard and apparel purchases. 

100% of all profits go back to the community.  Nobody at Watermans Warehouse pulls a paycheck, we are a 100% volunteer organization!